Low Temperature Fan suppliers

27 Ago 2019
'Me Gusta'
Boiler Low Temperature Fan is suitable for low temperature 1.5 ~ 4 t/h steam boiler wind, is to adapt to the burning of coal with the integrated design of smoke prevention and dust control device for industrial boiler and total pressure, induced draft fan for boiler efficiency up to 90.5% of all air inlet conditions, performance and adapt to all can choose. Mainly used for steam boiler air supply system, also can be used for dust removal, mine ventilation and general ventilation system, containing impurity concentration less than 200 mg/m3 can be used for more than four years.The inlet temperature is 20℃,but highest use temperature does not exceed 250 ℃.
Product performance
The following is the fan design of the centrifugal fan for your reference.
PerformanceAir flow range11000~667000m³/h
Pressure range1541~10214Pa
MaterialStainless stell blower fan310S, 316L, 304, ND steel, Q235, 16Mn, 15MnVDesign as special
Product feature
This series boiler low temperature fan pattern design is based on model tests after more than a year on the basis of the sketch of aerodynamics and adopted with adjustable air inlet patent technology, high strength and abrasion resistance impeller and the oil box bearing type axial damper and other advanced proprietary technology and efficient working condition of a wide range, immediately arrangement, easy pickings efficient point after the mirror to the single blade impeller reduce air impact, good stability, motor overload.The fan has high pressure coefficient, low cycle speed and low noise, so it is practical.The fulcrum of the regulating gate guide blade of the fan is equipped with self-aligning bearing, and there is no "dead" point in the process of operation and adjustment, so the adjustment is flexible, labor-saving, safe and reliable, which ensures that the actuator can not be loaded, but also can be used in the open air.
Packaging Details
Wrap it in plastic wrap.Put them in wooden cases.Wooden box and other packages to meet your requirements.Port:Tianjin/Qingdao.Lead Time :20~30days after the payment
Product after-sale
1. Full-time technical personnel shall cooperate with the user to complete the installation of the fan and conduct a comprehensive review of the fan so that the fan can be installed under normal and ideal conditions.
2. Provide users with technical support for training, repair and maintenance.
3. Within the warranty period, timely repair problems found to users, and remind users to maintain regularly and refueling on time.Maintenance is charged at cost price for customers outside the warranty period.
4. In case of any malfunction in the operation of the products provided, please contact us by phone. Our company will provide technical Suggestions to solve the problems for users.If the product is damaged due to improper operation, we will provide paid maintenance service.Low Temperature Fan suppliers